We’re very happy to welcome Alice and Millie into the world. Born on April 6th, they’re a handful! Double the baby is triple the work it seems 🙂 We received a card saying “It’s twins! Double the snuggles.” In theory this is correct but we’re finding the practice to be very different. We’re so busy changing nappies and feeding them that the number of cuddles is actually substantially reduced compared to a single baby!
How do I feel about being the father of twins? Not much, I’m too tired to feel anything! 😀

I think it was day 3 that I got 5 minutes with one of the twins where they were awake and I could cuddle them. Most of the time it’s a juggling act. I had a glorious moment when all 3 children pooped themselves at the same time :p

The birth didn’t go as smoothly as hoped and we needed to opt for a C section, but the whole time in the hospital we were so grateful for the amazing care we were receiving. We remember being in Kovol and feeling so helpless and on our own when Gerdine started getting cramps and we still can’t get over how good hospital care is here in the UK. I was looking around in the operating theatre and there were 12 doctors and nurses all bustling about taking care of business, it’s just wow. We’ve been back for 3 months but I still can’t get over how comfortable, lavish, and well provided for we are in the UK.
To be so well cared for is so reassuring.

Feeding two babies. Hard work!

Our first night back with Alice and Millie introduced us to the continual twins conundrum. One twin wakes up and needs feeding an hour after the last feed, the other is fast asleep. What do we do? We’ve been able to keep Alice and Millie on the same feeding schedule during the day, but the first couple of nights they decided they’d each like their own schedule – and we were up every hour of the night to feed on two separate schedules! zzzz.

Oscar proud of his sisters

Oscar is enjoying being a big brother. He likes being a big brother because “big brothers play with sticks and can eat ice cream, and babies just sleep.” He’s gentle with them and a new nighttime routine is for the babies to be brought to his bed so he can kiss them goodnight (or lick them, depending on how he feels!). All in all, we’re doing quite well. It’s tiring, but the twins are gradually settling into a routine.

Important work to be doing

We’re really looking forward to 5 or 6 weeks’time when they’ll drop a night time feed and start smiling. Newborns are a bit boring; we’re looking forward to interacting with them a bit more :p

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Lois · 17/04/2021 at 9:08 am

Congratulations on the two little ones. I hope Gerdine can recover quickly from the C-section, and that you can get plenty of snuggles as things go along. Blessings as you work on navigating your double blessing.

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