We have special visitors this week!

For the blog this week I decided to have a sit and chat with them. Over coffee for an hour I put my voice recorder on record and asked them their impressions. I’ve taken the liberty of summarising and writing their answers, so what you’re reading is my own summary of what they said – I’m sure they’ll correct me if I got something wrong!

Dealing with sickness

I’ve been working through a batch of 7 different interviews asking Kovol friends questions like “why do we get sick?”, “what’s the vocabulary for blindess?”, “how does someone become crazy?”, “what should you do if a venomous snake bites you?” and “what should you do to look after your brother if he’s really sick?” among other questions.

Journey back to Kovol

We’ve been out in Goroka for several weeks, and it’s also been several weeks since we posted a blog. We decided to film the journey in as a way to get started blogging again and to give an impression of what it’s like arriving back in the bush.