Grammar pains

We’ve been advised to finish off our Grammar write-up before then so we don’t start identifying things we see as significant to the paragraph that are actually just sentence-level things we didn’t know about.

Getting our hike on

I’ve been feeling a bit dissatisfied then this week, feeling like making some changes for the upcoming months that will be healthy. Thinking through the feelings I wondered If I was homesick. Would life be better at home? Thinking through things I discovered that no, I don’t want to go home.

Back in the weeds

After returning to Kovol we’ve been getting back into language learning. I actually always find getting started a little difficult. Before our break, I was chugging away, but then you stop, return and think to yourself “where was I?” “what was I doing again?”. It takes a week or so to get going again and shake the sense of aimlessness.