Steady progress

Into month 6 of language learning and I’m starting to see that progress is settling down to a steady speed. Steady progress is still progress though 🙂 Figuring out grammatical rules, putting clauses and attempting to express thoughts is much more difficult than pointing things and saying its name after all.

Learning about family

Kinship and family is a much bigger deal here than it is back home. Concepts of clan and tribe have deep, deep meaning and it can be fairly hard to understand as an outsider. When I think of family I think of nuclear family – mum, dad and children, but here family is much bigger. So when it comes to learning about all the different terms that are used it’s no surprise that this is a huge challenge! Earlier on we learnt some basics – “ina” (mum), “inda” (dad), “undum” (child) and “mo” (wantok – person of the same language)