Good news to the Kovol people

Welcome to ReachKovol. The goal of our team is to plant a church among the Kovol people. To do that we’ll need to bring the Gospel to the Kovol people in a way that can be clearly understood; and that means in the Kovol language.

No outsider has learned the Kovol language before, and it exists only as an oral language – not a scrap of Kovol has been written down before. We have a monumental task ahead of us to learn the Kovol language, translate the New Testament into Kovol and teach in a way that will be clearly understood.

Latest news from Kovol

No entry permit for Christmas

he clock is ticking on my 90-day visa here in the Netherlands and it’s starting to look more likely that we’ll have to return to the UK in the middle of Feb rather than fly on to PNG. We were hoping t…

Update on Menum

We know many people have been praying for Menum, the young Kovol boy who became seriously sick after a head injury. He was treated at the hospital in Goroka, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

Only GOD…..

Remember my blog post from August about a baby called Menum who was hit in the head by an iron bar? Well this is a follow up blog. I am anxious to share what is happening here. God is at work, even if…

Medical clinic video

The NTM PNG medical clinic in Goroka is a huge support to us in the bush. Check this video out where Natalie talks about the role they have supporting the ministry among the Kovol people.

How to plant a Peanut garden

In Spring last year we started talking about planting a peanut garden with our Kovol friends.

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