Helping hands

We got to know Carol and Graham during our training at North Cotes. They spent 12? years in Papua New Guinea, living in the bush themselves and so they’ve been able to jump straight in fluently speaking in Tok Pisin.

Bush baby

After a crazy busy supply flight day (Welcome Graham and Carol Townley, would love to chat to our visitors, but today is hectic!) Juli’s waters broke at about 6 pm. Of course, that’s not something to mention or let us know about and we only found out when we went to visit on Tuesday 🙂 She was definitely in labour now. There have been many times before where we were wondering if labour had started or not, but this was a clear change – finally, it was time for the baby.

Christmas staycation

We’re finding that 3 months is the amount of time we can invest in culture and language learning before it’s time for a break. The stress builds up, the motivation wanes and the tiredness takes over. Smart people that we are we decided that this time we’ll do a 5-month stint in the bush 😀