Latest Video updates

Stanley May video update

Our first 2 months in Kovol are coming to an end, we're definitely back into it now!

Medical clinic video

The NTM PNG medical clinic in Goroka is a huge support to us in the bush. Check this video out where…

Developing Leadership through literacy

NTM PNG keeps producing nice encouraging videos of teams several years ahead of us. These are the th…

Team formation video

NTM PNG are cranking out the videos. It's fun to see lots of Kovol footage being used, but I actuall…

How do you teach an adult to read and write?

NTM PNG just put out a new video. Right now our team is wrestling with how to spell and construct Ko…

Ministry milestones

House building video

A quick summary of the last half of 2019, the Kovol team is ready to move in!

Allocation survey

Our team visited each Kovol village to see if they would be happy to receive us as missionaries.