Latest Video updates

Garden visit video

Gerdine hiked down to a Kovol garden 3 hours away and spent the night there as part of her language …

January video

A quick video update so you can see our faces and some scenes from life here in Kovol.

Journey back to Kovol

We've been out in Goroka for several weeks, and it's also been several weeks since we posted a blog.…

Townley video

For the last 2 months, we've been super blessed to have Graham and Carol Townley with us in Kovol. T…

November video update

It's been a while since we did a video, but we were feeling full of beans this week and we got one d…

Ministry milestones

House building video

A quick summary of the last half of 2019, the Kovol team is ready to move in!

Allocation survey

Our team visited each Kovol village to see if they would be happy to receive us as missionaries.