Townley video

For the last 2 months, we’ve been super blessed to have Graham and Carol Townley with us in Kovol. They have been volunteering and helping us with practical projects. With Carol being around Gerdine was able to quadruple her language learning hours and jumped up 2 levels in our latest check!

Madang holiday

It’s amazing how quickly we can change our environment from being in the bush to driving around town and enjoying the tropical resorts. It’s only a 25-minute flight for us to be taken from our doorstep to the NTM centre in Madang where we can rent a guesthouse, rent vehicles and make day trips to resorts.

CLA check

Well it’s that time again, time for another language evaluation. These happen ideally every 6 months, but this time the schedule worked out for 4 months after our last evaluation, so after 4 months of full time language study how’s our progress?

Bush birthday

Oscar turned 5! What a big boy he’s become 🙂 What a cliche to say we can’t believe it’s been that long – but there it is 🙂
Thinking back we realised that we’ve been in 5 different places for his 5 different birthdays: Goroka PNG, Cairns Aus, Bracknell UK, North Cotes UK and now Kovol PNG. I guess the chance that one year we’re somewhere he’s had a birthday before can only get better 😀