Discourse Analysis

Proverbs 26:11; As a dog returneth to his vomit,
To translate this passage was one of my tasks at our last Culture and Language Evaluation. Did I nailed it? No. What came back from the Kovol people was, that a foul goes to the vomit like the dog does. Oh dear. On my second try (with a hint from the consultant) I did get the message across. But this is not the only task that I had, that showed that my Language hasn’t progressed at all. This was something I expected but it was still disappointing. I know vocabulary isn’t necessarily my weakness, but it is about how I communicate..

Feeling settled

We find it quite amazing how quickly we’ve settled back into things feeling ‘normal’. We’ve been here just over a week, but we’re feeling fully recovered from our journey and we’re feeling well settled already.

Smooth as a buttered seal

stop watch as we left the house in England, and stopped it stepping into our guest flat in Papua New Guinea and our journey clocked in at 38 hours and 10 minutes 🙂 It was a smooth journey though, smooth as a buttered seal – which I imagine is pretty smooth.

Last minute activities

This next term promises to be hard graft in language learning, but as our coworkers write the linguistic papers furthering the development of the Kovol (or is it qobol?) alphabet the light at the end of the langauge learning tunnel is dawning and we can see teaching literacy and teaching God’s word on the horizon. There’s still a lot of work to get there, but we’re heading back knowing that we may just get there in this next term in PNG.

Packing for PNG

All the paperwork is in and the tickets bought, we’re off to PNG on Mar 11 🙂 That’s of course assuming we have a -ve PCR test in the 10th, airlines don’t cancel our flights and the rules don’t change!