Presenting… in Dutch

This weekend we were invited to one of our supporting churches in the Netherlands to give a bit of an update and speak to the youth. The Church booked us a little holiday cottage for the weekend and it turned into a mini-break.

No entry permit for Christmas

he clock is ticking on my 90-day visa here in the Netherlands and it’s starting to look more likely that we’ll have to return to the UK in the middle of Feb rather than fly on to PNG. We were hoping to avoid an extra international move, but with all the uncertainty the pandemic has brought to travel we’ve learned to hold plans extra loosely (as I think most people have!).

Update on Menum

We know many people have been praying for Menum, the young Kovol boy who became seriously sick after a head injury. He was treated at the hospital in Goroka, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it.