Rhett grew up in San Diego, California. Though he was raised in a Christian family, he didn’t understand how to depend on the Holy Spirit’s direction in life. Eventually, his personal ambitions led him into situations where he was forced to depend on God, and to his surprise, God provided! About a year after High School, Rhett enrolled in Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes) Bible Institute in Wisconsin with the intent to become a missionary.

It was at Bible School that he met his wife, Stacie. She had grown up surrounded by believers and the Word of God, but her personal relationship with God was built on a faulty foundation of works-based belief. After high school she went on a missions trip where she saw the Lord regularly providing for needs as a result of prayer, and found that her own faith was lacking that trust. She decided to go to the Bible Institute, to gain a solid understanding of scripture before moving on to whatever God had next. While she was there she was shocked to learn that there were people groups who were asking for missionaries, but there just weren’t enough people willing to go. She met Rhett, who was enthusiastically pursuing missions and decided to follow him, wherever the Lord would lead them.

Where the Lord led them was the Missionary Training Center, along with their first child, Milo. Over the course of the training there, they had their second son, Owen, followed by a third, Wyatt, shortly after finishing linguistic training. During the following years of raising support and sharing about their ministry, God added one last boy, Lincoln.