Paperwork… hard to keep in order

All we can say is oops. We missed something.

Gerdine’s passport expires in December 2024. We didn’t think much of it, that’s a long time away after all – but as we’ve been getting the papers ready for returning to PNG we realise that since you always need 6 months left on a passport to use it for travel we’d only be in PNG for 1 1/2 years before needing to renew it.

Team formation video

NTM PNG are cranking out the videos. It’s fun to see lots of Kovol footage being used, but I actually enjoy seeing all the other places a lot more. It’s amazing to think about how many people God has worked in to form the network of different teams serving all over Papua New Guinea.

Life and Death

These last weeks and months have been marked by the deaths of people I know here in Kovol and back home in Germany. My two granddads died and also my dear aunt just a week ago. I miss my family in these times especially and I wish I could be there with them. I find great comfort knowing that my granddads and my aunt are now enjoying being with God their father, because they believed that Jesus died for them on the cross paying for all their sins, and then He rose again, conquering death. I know I will see them again when I leave this earth either when I die or when Jesus comes back. Tragically, the Kovol people lack this comfort in the face of death.