Charting propositions

Today we finished off our advanced language workshop. I completed the charting process for my 2nd (out of 13) text. The workshop has gone really well, we’ve made good progress and we’ve gotten the idea of it. Our teacher asked if we felt encouraged at the end of it and we all said no because we’re thinking about all the work yet to do!

Advanced language workshop

This week has been a weird mix of break-like activities and lots of hard work. We left Kovol last week to attend a 2-week advanced language workshop ALW. Myself (Steve), Philip and Natalie have been in classes all day long with a linguistic consultant with the goal of understanding better how the Kovol language arranges and glues together stories.

Triple checked

To be ready for it we needed to gather 13 two to three-minute-long recordings of Kovol speech in different genres, which we’ve transcribed to use for the ALW. Since we’re going to be digging deep into these texts the transcription needs to be spot on and I’ve been preparing by making sure all my texts are triple-checked, playing each one sentence by sentence and checking I’ve written it right.