Designing a Kovol alphabet part 2

Last time we introduced the concept of phonemics, that is going from an outsiders perspective of a language (‘etic’) to an insider’s perspective (’emic’). We need to turn our phonetic text (words written exactly as pronounced) into phonemic text (words written in a way intuitive to an native speaker).

Rain season

We have been here for a full year now. And while many of you have enjoyed the first big snow, we are full in the rainy season. Well you have rain as well throughout the year, and so do we. So what does it mean to be in the rainy season?

In Complete Isolation Again?

Yesterday I was able to join some ladies on a trip to their garden while Lisi my friend and visitor was watching our kids (Philip helped too). I ran down with some young girls and kids the huge mountain. That was fun. On the way down, I learnt lots of ways to say ‘run’ =) This was sooo much faster than the other times when we were dragging/ carrying down our kids with us.

Relieved to be home

We are very thankful to be back in the UK after a long, and uneventful journey. Despite our best intentions to sleep long deep sleeps we’re still up at 4 am and crashing in the afternoon, but that will come with time. Thanks to everyone who was praying for us, thinking of us and practically supporting us.