The death adder

I went over to Kavaluku and borrowed his machete thinking that I’d cut the snake’s head off just in case it still had some life in it! I raised the machete and swung and struck true, catching it full force on its skull. At that point, I realised it was very much a live snake as it thrashed around! I find it amazing that I didn’t miss my mark, my aim is usually terrible!

Garden trip

Gerdine is quite busy most of the time looking after Oscar, Alice and Millie. We don’t have any baby sitters on hand and so one of us is always busy with them. When I’m spending my day learning language that leaves Gerdine trying to get home-school done with Oscar while simultaneously looking after two 2-year-olds! It’s no surprise then that her language ability hasn’t improved as much as my own. What’s great though is that she’s found the motivation again and wants to push to achieve the next level in speaking ability in the Kovol language for our next check.

Cloudy weather

Unfortunately however just as the helicopter was approaching on Friday clouds came over and covered our ridge top meaning the helicopter was unable to land. We heard it circling around looking for a way in, but it never found one. It had to return home and our language evaluation was cancelled. We don’t have a new date lined up yet, but whenever it will be it will be after the Hansen family leave.

Gospel to the dying

On Wednesday evening our team met and concluded that the only thing we could really do for her was to visit her and share the Gospel with her. We had no knowledge or medicines that would help and using a helicopter to move her out to town wasn’t really an option.