A wedding

Can you image getting married without a ceremony, without your family and friends, without presents, without really knowing your groom, and moving to a new place, new people, in a house full of people?

Fence making

The best way to learn language is to engage all of your senses and experience what you’re learning about. You’re much more likely to remember the names of things and names of actions if you learn it as you’re doing it. Not only that you’re much more likely to get language that makes sense because you hear it used in context (if you ask your language helper nicely I’m sure he’d agree that yes you could say that you plural were holding a new, clean, red, small bowl in the past tense – but no one would say that!). Hence our language learning style emphasizes being out and about far more than labouring at a desk.

Dictionaries, learning and medical

We’re all starting to feel like we need a break, Culture and Language learning is tough! It’s also enjoyable though. I often wake up in the morning and dread getting out of bed; wondering “how on earth am I going to get 8 hours of language learning in today?”. The good news is that it’s usually really good fun and I end up going over hours!

I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do

It’s strange to be in a position to say those words, but that’s exactly where we’ve ended up as missionaries to a remote, rural people group. It doesn’t feel good to say that, and it also doesn’t feel honest.
It’s prompted some reflection on what those words actually mean as I work through the guilt of saying it quite often.