PNG Christmas

Funny how Christmas feels so different over here. We’ve been so busy getting ready to move into Kovol that it’s snuck up on us! We did manage to take a few days off to have a bit of a Christmas break though – even if there were boxes piled up around us all the while!

Slipping wood

There are no screws anymore’. What? But we want to start building our house now. Philip already discovered that Madang was totally out and he was hoping there would be some screws in Goroka. But Goroka town and also our mission’s supply was out of them as well.

Build Trip 2: Day 11

Philip’s house has had a major growth spurt this weekend! On Friday, Josh and John Michael were swapped out for Jotham and today Steve and Bill came in. Now we have one week to get the Hansen’s house in set up because after this build trip the families are moving Read more…

Build Trip 2: Day 6

Well, the days of our big blue plastic houses sticking out like a sore thumb are coming to an end. The Kovol people are helping us blend in a little better with… bamboo camouflage Now this is no small undertaking! The local area doesn’t currently have bamboo, so all the Read more…