That was a rough weekend

What a week. I spent 3 days down and out with a stomach bug which meant Gerdine had to pick up the slack. She started not feeling so well, but didn’t really get sick – just super tired from keeping us all going while I was sleeping.

Roofs, yams and sickness

Houses take a battering in windy season. There are nights lying awake hearing the howling wind and feeling it shake our house about. It’s easy to imagine our roofing peeling away and the wind and rain coming inside… especially since that actually happened to Nate’s house over in our neighbouring tribe 🙂

If the wind gives us cause for concern I’m sure you can imagine how much worse it is when your roof is made of leaves! One of our friend’s roof was left with all kinds of holes and storm damage which needed fixing, and we got to see how it was done.

Baby number 2 is on the way

We’re pretty excited for Oscar to be getting a baby brother or sister, and it’s going to mean a trip home. Having a baby in the capital city here is (maybe) an option or Australia, but if we’re going to have to travel anyway we’d prefer to head home so our family can see our new baby (and how much Oscar has grown!)

Preparing for a Kovol alphabet

The season has definitely changed; wet season has started and we’re suddenly seeing lots and lots of rain. There’s a double benefit to that though, one is that our water tanks are full (overflowing) and we don’t have to think about rationing our water any more (if it’s yellow…). The other benefit is rainy, miserable mornings where people just want to stay at home huddled by a fire. That means a chance to catch up on office work for us.

Sorry Skippy

The Kovol people are always trying to think up fun things for us to do and this week it was hunting. It was one of those “Hey, do you think you’d like to come hunting sometime?”, “Yeah, that’d be good”, “OK we’ll be here next week, we’ll hike to the bush, stay the night and hunt things!”.