Travel disruption

It feels like problem after problem. International travel while pregnant, with a toddler is challenging at the best of times, it feels like we’re attempting to travel at the worst of times.

Our daily battle is to bring glory to God by trusting him. Despite the fact that we’ve seen God provide time after time we find that new problems come and fill the foreground of our vision. Only a week and a half ago we were in Kovol praying for a gap in the clouds so the helicopter could get us out to the clinic.
Funny that experiencing God’s providence time and time again doesn’t seem to help for the next challenge!

Scary weekend

We live with the knowledge that in living in such a remote location we don’t have quick access to health care in an emergency. It’s a weight we always carry while in Kovol which we don’t feel most of the time. Occasionally we’ll think of it after a near-miss with a knife, when we look at the thick bank of clouds around us and realise there’s no way a helicopter can get in if we needed one and we need to trust the Lord through those fears.
What an immense challenge it was to work through the fear of thinking we might be losing our twins, we only found out a week and a half ago we were having 2.

Gear change

How quickly things can change. The news we’re having twins has caused quite a jarring shift in gears. This break was supposed to be us catching our breath before a final month’s language learning push before a language check followed by returning to the UK at the end of January.

We’re having twins

What a total shock, but also delight! While out on break (which is refreshing and very much appreciated) we had a 20 week ultrasound. While the Doctor is taking measurements he blurts out “hang on, is there another one?” Sure enough there was and we’re now very much looking forward to being the parents of twin girls.