What I did last Friday

Today I put in more than 8 hours of language learning time! Thanks to Steve for looking after Oscar πŸ™‚
I started off looking at the sunrise this morning, which I intended to do on my own, but a dog saw me and started barking, so people got up and came to me wondering what stranger was sitting on the field in the middle of the night… They thought it was weird for me to look at the sun coming up. But I learned some interesting language from it. And the sunrise was so pretty!

Jungle conkers

A huge advantage of getting out on the trail is that new things come up constantly. On today’s hike I paid attention to what the kids were foraging for while we were walking along. While we hike kids are constantly in the bushes either side of the trail looking for different things. One thing they got their hands on was the curly shoot of a particular tree.
They gathered a bunch of them and played a game similar to conkers that we play in England.

First consultant check

This week was an exciting change of pace. It was the first time in 8 weeks we’ve had a helicopter land here so we could see other faces πŸ™‚ Two CLA (culture and language learning) consultants stayed with us for 2 days to both check our language ability and answer questions we have about the language learning process.