No entry permit for Christmas

he clock is ticking on my 90-day visa here in the Netherlands and it’s starting to look more likely that we’ll have to return to the UK in the middle of Feb rather than fly on to PNG. We were hoping to avoid an extra international move, but with all the uncertainty the pandemic has brought to travel we’ve learned to hold plans extra loosely (as I think most people have!).

Update on Menum

We know many people have been praying for Menum, the young Kovol boy who became seriously sick after a head injury. He was treated at the hospital in Goroka, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

Only GOD…..

Remember my blog post from August about a baby called Menum who was hit in the head by an iron bar? Well this is a follow up blog. I am anxious to share what is happening here. God is at work, even if we don’t see the outcome!!! We saw HIS HAND very clearly day after day. We don’t know what the outcome will be, but we trust God is in control. So many of you are also praying for this precious family. But let’s get started.

Raft building

Think ahead.

Movement from one place to another is very quick. It will take less than 12 hours to go from the UK to the Netherlands, but transition is the process of emotionally arriving – and that can take longer.
Whatever we’re gaining by moving, we’re also leaving something behind, and there’s grief in losing it. We want to try to work through that grief, and not just deny it or bury it for it to cause problems later.

The purge

Right now we’re in what I’ve come to think of as the purge, the getting rid of phase. We don’t have a definite luggage allowance for our intended flight to PNG yet, but from our early investigation of routes, it looks like it will be 3x 25kg suitcases and hand luggage.

Paperwork… hard to keep in order

All we can say is oops. We missed something.

Gerdine’s passport expires in December 2024. We didn’t think much of it, that’s a long time away after all – but as we’ve been getting the papers ready for returning to PNG we realise that since you always need 6 months left on a passport to use it for travel we’d only be in PNG for 1 1/2 years before needing to renew it.

Team formation video

NTM PNG are cranking out the videos. It’s fun to see lots of Kovol footage being used, but I actually enjoy seeing all the other places a lot more. It’s amazing to think about how many people God has worked in to form the network of different teams serving all over Papua New Guinea.