After living in Kovol with us for the last 2 months our new friend and homeschool helper Fiona has left us 🙁 It’s amazing how close you can become in 2 months of daily life isolated out in the bush! We’re finding the sadness quite unexpected. When we leave a country (amazing that I can write as if that’s a normal thing, but for us it is!) we know we’ll be saying goodbye. We hadn’t prepared ourselves for it this time, and saying a farewell in the middle our our term in PNG has us processing all those same feelings.

Language evaluations

We have a level system consisting of 9 levels (well there are 3 more on top actually – but level 9 is when you’re able enough to start teaching and translating).
The 3 levels are Basic Low, Mid and High, Progressing Low, Mid and High and Capable Low, Mid and High. Capable high being the stage where you can communicate well enough to teach

Home help

We’ve got a big challenge before us with learning the Kovol language and planting a Church. It’s easy to fill post after post commenting on the hardships as they come. The scale of the challenge means our mission has also Read more…