On Friday evening I wrote up a little story about my day, because it was a good day!

Today I put in more than 8 hours of language learning time! Thanks to Steve for looking after Oscar part of the time 🙂
I started off looking at the sunrise this morning, which I intended to do on my own, but a dog saw me and started barking, so people got up and came to me wondering what stranger was sitting on the field in the middle of the night… They thought it was weird that I just sat there looking at the sun coming up. But I learned some interesting language from it. And the sunrise was so pretty!

Whilst watching the sunrise I heard a group of people wanted us to come and watch them make a fence for their new garden that day. So when I got home I told Steve about it and we got ready to ‘go walkies’ for the third day in a row this week. Poor Steve, carrying our 2,5 year old on his shoulders everywhere through the jungle.

The garden site was half cut bush with almost no flat surface around. Crazy work environment. The job of fencemaking is for the guys, unsurprisingly because it looks like heavy work! I was able to watch and take pictures though

I also joined the ladies, who found a spot in the shade where they made several fires and cooked LOTS of food (for all those hardworking men :)). Kids found all kinds of insects to eat as well.
I took many pictures and many recordings, which hopefully will help me if I want to investigate things later.

Cooking in the jungle kitchen
I can’t believe this praying mantis lays eggs that big!
Snacks for the kids
I never saw the ingredient used to mix in with the greens before. They call it ‘wa’ a beige looking paste that gives a different flavour to the food. Not bad!

When we got back home, the kids wanted to use one of Oscar’s balls to play volleyball  (using our washing line as a net), so Steve and I joined them. That was actually quite relaxing. I think it’s a good sign I’m starting to be able to relax whilst being out here with people!

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Carol Townley · 16/07/2020 at 8:09 am

Hi Gerdine,
That was so sweet, so glad you’re beginning to relax among the people, and the sun rise did. look great! We’ve been praying lots for you and Hansens. Don’t fancy that spider would go well on the NC menu:)

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