‘There are no screws anymore’. What? But we want to start building our house now. Philip already discovered that Madang was totally out and he was hoping there would be some screws in Goroka. But Goroka town and also our mission’s supply was out of them as well. Jotham, one of the builders, gathered some personal screws together and whatever else he could find. ‘We will get by somehow I think’. But somehow it happened that a container had just arrived with supplies the week our housebuild would start and on the last working day before the flight into Kovol, in the last hour of the day, Steve was able to get some screws for our house, even they weren’t on the shelf yet for sale. =)

With joined efforts they are working very hard every day (apart from one day when the Kovol people got together for a big feast) to get our house up to speed. They are doing a tremendous job. They have been building just a week now and look at the progress!!! You might think, it would be nice if western houses could be built that fast? Maybe you need to hire this team =D. A wooden house like in Switzerland, but just better because of the bright blue siding 😉 and on poles to keep the pigs out and hopefully insects too!

inside sidings
there is light

Oh yes, you wonder about the slipping wood. Well my story is just second hand. But a piece of wood slipped and hit a Kovol men in his side. Older Kovol men assured us, he was fine. But two days later he came and was complaining about extreme pain in his side, having troubles with breathing while hiking and he said the pain also moved to other areas. He wasn’t happy. Philip called the doctor to see and spend quite some time to care for that guy. Of course, it’s hard to tell anything without examination and the doctor preferred taking an X-ray. The end of the story is, the Kovol guy got several pain killers that day and was happy and was even smoking again. The next day he had no complains about pain anymore and was happy.

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