Well, the days of our big blue plastic houses sticking out like a sore thumb are coming to an end. The Kovol people are helping us blend in a little better with… bamboo camouflage

The bush house surveys its surroundings from its hiding spot

Now this is no small undertaking! The local area doesn’t currently have bamboo, so all the bamboo has been hiked in from about two hours away. We’ve told the Kovol people that they don’t have to provide the siding for the houses, but as always, they are eager to help in whatever way they can.

The first step to building the siding is to break up the bamboo into strips…

There’s the hit it with an ax method
And the hit it with a stick method

Meanwhile, they built scaffolding alongside the house so they don’t have to mess around with ladders

This scaffolding would have been really handy when putting the house wrap on

After that they the start to weave the bamboo straight onto the house while securing it with wooden blocks

It seems like a painstaking process! I’m constantly amazed at the dedication of the Kovol people to making sure we are taken care of!

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