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Well, I have been trying very hard to write a blog, but there are more important things to do. Apart from being there for my kids, I always need more sleep, or to be reading my Bible or writing a to do list. =D Yes, I keep writing to do lists; I feel accomplished just writing those things down. So far, I haven’t gotten much further than that. The kids were sick, and we just moved again. This time I moved back from Madang to Goroka and Philip flew into Kovol for another milling and building trip for about 3 weeks. So, when I get my evenings back and don’t have crying kids, then I will try to tackle my to do list. Well, one point on my list is writing a blog post. Can you believe I gave a priority to that one? Well I wrote one at 4pm 2 nights ago while both kids were awake again, but the blog was terrible, so I am not using it. Ok, I will stop fussing now, and hopefully say something more productive. I just thought it would be good to write things I am thankful for, since we also just had American Thanksgiving (I missed all of the celebrations, but it is about being thankful and not the food and fellowship, right?)

Philip is loading the truck for sling loads into Kovol from an closer acess point
  • I am super thankful that we can move soon (hopefully beginning of January) into Kovol and share our lives with the people there. Christ is in us, so hopefully they will see Christ through us and get hungry to know more, and to teach us their language and culture.
  • I love watching my kids growing up. It is such hard work, but so worth it. Mums out there, I always like to talk about how you did things in this stage =). Timon is trying to ‘talk’ and loves playing. Louis loves playing with kids, likes being perfect, likes helping Mummy and is learning so many new things. I LOVE to hear him pray. He is getting creative.
  • I am thankful for all the people who are helping us with the housebuilding.
  • I am thankful for my team, I really miss them when we are apart. Hopefully during the end of December we will all be together again and can plan some fun things.
  • Today Terry and Rosie took me and the kids out to town. We all LOVED it. The market is always fun and Louis was asking for strawberries and other things, so he learned to buy things. Of course, he also got a lot of things for free. Who here doesn’t like a white blue eyed toddler?
  • I miss my husband so much, but I am super thankful how diligently he is working and giving his all to built our houses there in the bush, even though he is often so tired and exhausted. On top of that he is studying German grammar in the bush, so soon we can speak more German in our family before he tackles any other languages.
  • I love hearing from mums how they manage things, like the advice I got from some friends to get truth into me… I often need to preach it to myself, otherwise the battle in my mind gets crazy and then I am more easily discouraged.
  • I am so thankful for everyone who praying and being part of this ministry to reach the Kovolpeople. It takes a team and we can’t do this without you..
  • There are many more things, but most of all: God is good. I love how he is growing us more into the image of himself, especially when things get hard and challenging. It is good to know that hard times are good for me, refine me, make me depend on him, and can glorify him. Because HE IS WORTH IT!!
Eating lunch in town with Terry and Rosie
Louis bought this at the local market.
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