So we decide to go wandering about through the woods turning trees into lumber and what do you know, we’re on our third milling trip!

As you may recall from the last post, we needed to get some bars for the chainsaws from town, and we kind of succeeded. We have to shorten our chain to fit the new bars, which is a little dodgy since we don’t have the right tools for the job. But, we had a full day of milling today and the shortened chain held up just fine so who needs the right tools to get the job done? Not us, that’s who!

We put a door on my bathroom today…

Now I can have some privacy, it it weren’t for that pesky photographer

The cool thing about it is that it even stays open!

The photographer has become the photographed!

This time around we are trying to get preped for the next build trip so our focus is on getting lumber for Philip’s house. Philip meanwhile is in Madang (sneaky boy) getting supplies ready for the next crazy set of shuttles which will be at the end of this trip (the end of next week).

We brought Craig Noyes along this time to do handy things like put fascia on my house.

Yeah, this is the only picture I have of Craig right now

Craig is looking forward to his own house build in a year or so I’ve been giving him tips on what he should do with his house. Tip 1: Go somewhere where you can just buy wood from the store!

Well, I mostly just wanted to let y’all know we’re back in the bush so you’d be praying for us. Catch you later!

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