We are back in the bush and ready for action! and buy action I mean more milling, there’s nothing like settling in to a 45 minute cut to really get the blood pumping! Our newcomer this trip is John Michael…

John Michael is in the back wearing the “I *heart* witches shirt

He seems to be a handy guy with his thick Mississippi accent and stories from around the globe. What really distinguishes him in my mind is he’s the first guy I’ve ever seen successfully pull off a “pull my finger joke”.

We’re getting pretty fancy now!

So Josh and John Michael have been putting in my cabinets

Only a few days out from running water

My dad has been getting the water hooked up and taking selfies with the avocado tree

He’s camouflaged in his natural habitat

Philip and I cut some rafters and loft floor joists and purlins.

This trip will last until December 16 and we’re hoping to have all our houses ready to be moved into by the end. Yay!

So fun side story: I’m playing around with learning Kovol and I say to a guy “what is that?” While pointing to a stick.

He replies (in Pidgen), “we wouldn’t say that because it is clearly a stick. We might say, “where is my stick” or “where is my machete so I can cut a new stick”

Sometimes you have to train your language helpers…

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