Life is cozy now in Kovol!

A little cluttered in my room

We can power our devices, shut out the wind at night, sleep without mice running about our faces, the list goes on!

The German territory in the kitchen
My dad well settled in his hammock

We fly out tomorrow so this weekend we’ve been prepping the houses for our absence. We’ve finished up wrapping them…

Put in Windows…

And doors.

I told Bill the doors supposed to be vertical, you’d think he’d know that by nowadays

Philip has finally been able to get started on his house as well

The first step is to trim the posts to the same height

We got as far as we had wood for, but whenever his floor comes in there will be little to do before we start tacking it down

He’s nearly ready for plywood

I also accidentally got a cockatoo! I thought the guys said he wanted to give me a chicken (he wasn’t speaking loudly), so I jumped at the offer. Then came the cockatoo! It’s cute and all, but it’s also obnoxious!

For some reason, it was screaming the whole time it ate this taro

Owen has been asking for a bird lately, so maybe he’ll take care of it. One can hope.

So as I said, tomorrow (Monday) we fly out. We will have exactly one week off before coming in again for our third (and hopefully last!) milling trip.

The coming trip will include Steve, my dad, Craig Noyes (maybe), and myself. It will be about two weeks long and will end with shuttles from the logging road (also hopefully the last).

Thank you for your prayers over this build trip, I’m quite pleased with the progress! Please be praying over the next week as we will likely be rushing to get the next trip arranged, though we really need to make time to spend with the family.

It’s a chaotic time, and it’s an exciting time. A time of high pressure and stress, and a time of new friendships and new… cockatoos.

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