While our two weeks off were well spent with Central Area’s conference, logistics (of course), and what might have been dysentery; we are three days into the first build trip!

This trip features Bill and Jotham, who know how to build things, and of course Philip who is back with their new child. New child did not come along.

Jotham, Bill, Gary (my dad), Philip, and Steve

Stepping off the chopper this time, I was filled with a strong and unexpected sensation: I felt home! It took me totally off guard, you’d think that without a house and Stacie and the boys in Goroka, I’d simply feel like I’m on a camping trip or something, but no, it feels right to be here. I can’t wait for the family to join me.

Maybe it is because I brought the avocado tree along

For Steve and me our day to day hasn’t changed. We’re still milling, only now we have Philip along. We got our saw working over the break and we’re borrowing a Husqvarna from another church planting team. It is nice having the Husqvarna along because it helps me appreciate the Stihl.

I needed a segue to building, so here are some Kovol guys with a mitre saw

Meanwhile the builders have been…building. By the end of the first day they had floor joists down…

That first step’s a doozy

By day two Steve’s house was up to the same point, almost. Today, since it didn’t look like rain on the horizon, we decided to go ahead and start putting my floor down.

Nicest perch in town

The Kovol guys are learning how to frame a house…

Swinging hammers comes natural to them…

And just like that, in one day, the floors and walls are up.

I’m sure you’re admiring all the lumber we milled in the foreground

And so, as the night approached, my dad and I moved our bedding to my new house. I’m settled down in the future bathroom and he’s in the boys’ room. Before lights out we had a sneaky meal of canned corn beef with crackers (we didn’t want to share) and now we lay under the stars listening to the conversations fade off.

Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

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