Did I ever tell you that Philip brought a bunch of Germans (well, four of them) over to help build the houses? Well he did, and that’s cool!

Look at that German, stapling house wrap to my house

Not only do Germans help build houses, they also say silly things. Like the time I told a German “let’s go prep the next tree.” And he replies “I go drinking first.” I realize Germans are into beer, but I don’t think he understood the impractically of going drinking at that very moment, especially since there are no pubs in Kovol. Or the time another German informed me, very matter-of-factly, “I have your child for five years.” Silly German, you have to say “please” before you can take a person’s child!

This is a child

Anyways, much like our last milling trip, our large chainsaws have worn out before the trip is over (our small one is still going strong though). At least this time the parts we need can be found in town, and we have plenty to work on at the houses.

The Kovol guys have been working on digging a hole for our toilet…

They had all the digging taken care of so I got to play with the chainsaw some more to make a top for the hole

Freehand milling is kinda fun, and surprisingly easy

We split up this log a few times to cover the hole…

Only the best for my poo hole

Covered that in plastic wrap, ran some plumbing, and buried it all. Now we won’t have to use the outhouse any more!

Things are really shaping up: we have power now…

This will be inside, when we get around to the downstairs

The interior walls are finished…

The Kovol guys helped tack up the plywood

And my dad hit himself in the face with a hammer!

Just four more days left on this trip but I’m excited about what has been done so for. Thank you for your prayers, and please keep them coming!

My house in the foreground, Steve’s in the background
The view out the bedroom window
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