So, as I’m sure you would have guessed, the building has continued on my house. Last week I even ditched milling for half the day in order to help out on the roof.

My help wasn’t needed much, but I was needed to approve of this totally safe ladder

As soon as my house was under roof we began putting Steve’s house up. Unfortunately for Steve’s floors, and for our progress, the unusually dry weather finally gave in to the typical Kovol rain.

Steve’s floor hiding under a tarp
My house, enduring the elements

Today, being Sunday, we took a break from milling and helped in the push to get the roof on Steve’s house.

Jotham the fearless roofer

We raced against the daily rain and in the end, we lost and the floor got rained on again. But, after the rain and a little nap, we were able to finish the roof so that’s one less thing to worry about!

To be honest, I kind of missed milling today. I know what to do when milling, but on the build site I mostly stand around until someone asks me to get them something or trim some board.

Fun side story: I cut down a tree the other day using the chainsaw we borrowed from another team. The problem with that saw is that it doesn’t idle, so you have to keep throttling it or it will shut off. As if cutting down a 50 inch tree isn’t intense enough, now I have this chainsaw constantly egging me on as if to say, “NEVER STOP CUTTING!!!”

I think I’ll use the other chainsaw next time.

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