I have never been this long without Steve since we are married. It seems strange but I do get used to it, I get into a routine for myself and for Oscar and it works. But it’s hard work to be the one always responsible. So I am definitely looking forward for Steve to come home in a couple of days.

I’ve tried to find a balance between going out and seeing people and not going crazy and keeping a routine at home for Oscar. At our main support centre half an hour drive away they organise a pre-school class, which I really enjoy going to. So Oscar and me went and we took Lincoln along. We had a long but fun morning away together. Also catching up with another missionary family that came out to the support centre for a break.

This other missionary family brought out their pet from the bush. I think it’s called a sugar glider?

Oscar has started to say a few more words now, but I can’t tell whether he prefers Dutch or English. He uses both; ‘ka’ for car, ‘pus’ for cat (and other animals) and his newest word is ‘heka’ for helicopter and airplane 😊. It’s a good thing he know that one already; the heli is going to be our only transport in at out of Kovol!

It is such a blessing to live here on the support centre for now. Us and the Stous’ are almost neighbours so our kids play together every day. It’s a great place to play outside. Oscar likes to run around with the other kids through the grass, playing with sticks, mud and stones.

Last week on Sept 16th we celebrated PNG’s independence along with the rest of the country. At our main support centre we joined the festivities. There were games, selling of PNG art (paintings, carvings) and nice PNG food (banana chips, fried tapioca rolls, chocolate cakes, to name a few). It was nice to get out and celebrate together.

It was a hot and long morning, the lady with the big camera then was a little too much for Oscar!

Today was Lincoln’s 4th birthday so I used to opportunity to bake cookies with the kids. It was a whole day activity of cookie cutting, cookie decorating and cookie eating!

Yep, mainly christmas cookie cutters 😉

Another missionary lady has offered to look after Oscar a few times whilst Steve was gone. Such a blessing! I was able to work on sowing some curtains for our new house in Kovol during that time. I barely know how to sow so I am thankful for the help of another missionary lady helping me with them. I’m glad this job is almost done. It’s not long now before we are going to move into Kovol!

So I have kept busy enough these past weeks 🙂 and it has been fun! Thank you for your prayers!


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