Milling posts. That has been the focus for the past few days and today just might be our last day of it! The prospect of being finished with house posts is especially pleasing since the sort of tree the posts are made out of are a little bit nasty! What makes them annoying is the needle-like fibers in the bark of the tree which get stuck in our clothes and just cause constant itching. But, apparently they last so long they are passed from parent to child, so that’s neat.

Today, Steve and I went milling while my dad and Josh got those posts planted in the ground.

First they marked out the corners with string and some bits of wood…

And then when I got back, voilà, a forest of house posts! It seems there was a lot of digging involved as well.

Tomorrow, we get to cut bearers which go on top of the posts. More important, they are cut from a different kind of tree which means we will be covered in only mildly itchy sawdust!

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