We’re only a few days into this first milling trip and already a problem is beginning to emerge: They feed us. Way. Too. Much!

Yesterday is a fine example. I was hoping to start the day with a roasted tuber of some sort which I could munch on the way to the worksite. That’s not how they would start it though, instead I got a bowl of tubers boiled with onions.

Oh well, so what if we had a heavy breakfast? We continued with our work and right on time they bring the light lunch I was hoping for: cucumbers, bananas, and sugar cane. We happily ate in turn and carried on with the work.

Then real lunch came! This was soup made of taro, ramen noodles, and rice (the latter two we had supplied to them so we wouldn’t be too much of a burden). Okay, so we stop working, pound a many bites of second lunch as we can, and pass our still full bowls off to some lucky bystander, and get back to work.

We got back to tent city that day with enough light to put our tools away. As we’re sharpening the chainsaws they inform us that the food is ready. Great! We finish with the saws and head over to the cooking shelter they’ve set up and have a nice soup.

Then the unexpected happened. As darkness fell we returned to our massive tent where a crowd was gathered along with a pig and chicken. This could only be second supper and it was a feast lasting until midnight!

So, it’s not the worst problem to have I guess. We might be the first team to gain weight on a milling trip! At least we know they are excited to have us!

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