Well our milling trip is finally under way, a few days late but no big deal. We were a little concerned about some rumors we had heard that the Kovol people were upset, but their enthusiasm dispelled these fears pretty quickly!

Steve and Josh, the tech specialist, were the first in while my dad and I were handling the supplies from the coast and came in last. A quick survey of our build site and we saw that despite our three month absence, the area was not neglected!

They not only cleared out the remaining saplings, but they also fenced in our water collection tanks!

Our first order of business was to build a temporary house. Our plan was to put up four posts, brace them with each other, and put a tarp on top. They were not satisfied and set to work building proper walls and a roof!

Just look at these cross braces and they way the used vines to bind it together…

Before I arrived Steve had already dropped a tree…

Unfortunately we couldn’t get the chainsaw running again…

But after Josh had tinkered with it again we were back in the game and I got to fell my first Kovol tree!

Now I’m getting settled in in our new home away from home!

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