This last weekend we got the chance to see a little more of PNG. Some friends of ours had some time sensitive work to do in Lae, but when they couldn’t make it they asked us if we would be able to go. We found ourselves with a free weekend, so we jumped at the chance for a road trip! Because we brought all of our kids, which make lodging pretty expensive (often we get charged extra per child), we decided to check if there were any Airbnb’s in the area- and there was! Who knew??

Since we were going to be in this big port town, we decided to make the most of it by shopping! (exciting for me, not quite as much for everyone else haha!) It was great timing though, as we’re trying to think of odds and ends that we need to remember to have, like toilet plungers and towel bars. There was even an office/art supply store where we were able to buy some fun projects for school for the kids, as well as art and office supplies for myself (sorry Rhett, that’s what you get for not enjoying artsy hobbies!)

Besides the shopping, the other part we really appreciated were having places to go where the kids could play, while we relaxed a bit and drink some coffee. Our favorite was Yacht Club which has an outdoor playground (think pirate-themed McDonald’s Playland) and actually has good prices. There was good food, nice weather, and a view of the harbor, as well as a fenced in area for the boys to run.


We know that in the coming months, we will not get these opportunities. Rhett will be gone more than he will be at home, and there will be days when patience and tears run dry. We were so thankful that the Lord gave us this gift of an actual relaxing family weekend together before all that insanity commences. He didn’t have to, but he did anyway. Author of all good things indeed.

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Our AirBnb had a couple of resident cockatoos, and our host was kind enough to introduce us
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We went to visit the Rainforest Conservation Habitat on the outskirts of the city.
On the left we see the sign describing this pen’s occupants: freshwater crocodiles;
In the back we see a mangled broken fence.
Just wanted to make sure we stayed on our toes I guess
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Bucket list check: up close and personal with an adult cassowary! Beautiful, but also terrifying.
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Don’t worry, we checked the area for crocodiles first
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