We had our plan for the day until a big group of Kovol people suddenly showed up last week. Actually, this has happened three times now, with people from two different villages. The first time they came they were overflowing with excitement. Ladies ran and scooped up Louis. Some of them were hitting us ladies with excitement while welcoming us with loud voices and laughing. They came with lots of garden food to eat with us and to give us food as a gift. This is a time of hunger, there isn’t an abundance of produce, but they brought different edible roots, greens, sugar cane, cucumber, papayas and other bush food. ‘Sickau’ feet, which come from a wild rodents, were something they gave us as well as a specialty. Meat is rare here. So we sat down, talked, prepared food and ate together. They kept trying to teach us their language. When we would ask them to repeat it (because some of the sounds were foreign to us) they thought we didn’t hear them, so they spoke even louder and closer to our faces. Sitting there for hours with them, made us tired, so we started taking turns spending time with them and went into our houses to care for our babies or get a little break. They have been waiting for missionaries to come for years. One of the guys from Kovol that we met had brought a chicken in 2010 to missionaries here in Pal with the request for missionaries to come to his 

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