Change of plans (again)

We’ve set aside 3 weeks to do it, which is a really long time for shopping, but we’ve found hardware stores to be endless sources of delay here in PNG. You want to buy those screws? Sorry the system is down – try again tomorrow. We’ll deliver it tomorrow, 2 weeks later…

Air vs ground

The thing I noticed about going in by helicopter was how small everything looked. We flew over countless ridges and dozens of hamlets built on hill tops as we traversed the Adelberts to get to Kovol. It’s a constant spectacle as every second unfolds more of PNGs rugged landscape

Land signing

The guys in the Kovol team are just back from spending 6 days in Kovol for a land signing agreement. The goal of our trip was to get a contract signed that would give us a bit of land we could build our houses on.

Rope Couch

One of the wants, one of the things that makes a house a home is a sofa (couch) that we can lay stretched out on without our head and feet on armrests. And while we’re dreaming why not have it so there’s enough space for one of us to lie down and the other to sit, or even have us both lie down!
We could try and find a sofa in a store here in PNG – but those can be really, really costly as they’re imported – and a nice large one just won’t fit in a helicopter so we couldn’t get it to our house. Then we thought why not make our own?

The Weight of a Bouillon Cube In order to become better acquainted with the people who live in the area we will be ministering, we (our family, and our partners the Stanleys and the Hansens) will soon be flying into Read more…