A question we’re often asked is how our work in Kovol is supported financially. Does New Tribes Mission (or Ethnos 360 in some countries) give us a salary?

No, New Tribes mission doesn’t give us a salary. Nor do they pay for our ministry expenses. Our families’ living and ministry expenses are covered by donation.

New Tribes Mission is what’s known as a “faith mission”, which means that individual missionaries need to trust God to provide for their financial needs.

So we do fund raising? Well sort of, but not exactly; trusting God to provide and fund raising aren’t the same thing. Churches and individuals in our home countries are our main donors and when we’re home we visit supporting churches and give updates on the Kovol work. This website is itself a means to inform supporters; but we never actually ask for money. High pressure appeals to give money depend more on our ability to emotionally manipulate an audience than us trusting God.
Our job is to be able to clearly present what is going on in Kovol and then we rest in the fact that it’s God’s job to motivate individuals and churches to want to donate.

We see verses like the following in the Bible:

You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

(2Co 9:7)

and conclude that if people don’t genuinely want to give from their hearts then God isn’t pleased with their donation. We shouldn’t work hard at ‘drumming up’ support. But on the flip side people who know God have their hearts changed to become more like him so that giving is actually a delight.

If someone wants to give we don’t want to make it hard for them and so we’ve come up with ways people can give conveniently, and in a way that best transfers across the different currencies we need to use.

If you are interested in giving financially please either contact us to receive information on one-off or regular donations, or go to an NTM or Ethnos 360 website that can handle donations.